Brandoni Solare’s hybrid module is the optimal solution for the production of electricity and hot water through the use of a single panel. The photovoltaic and thermal technologies allow to obtain heat and power from solar rays. This solution brings to major installation simplicity, minor space occupation and minor module deterioration.

The Aeternum is the perfect solution for an integrated photovoltaic plant. This is thanks to its unique aluminum fixing structure. The frame, applied to the lower side of the module, is specifically designed to create a single flat surface on the whole plant. Dimensions and the tailored processed frame allow a simple and quick installation on the supporting laths.

Brandoni Solare’s modules are laminated products made of Glass-Eva-backsheet with 60 6” polycristalline cells with 3 bus bar , provided with a 4 mm U1 class tempered solar glass (semisand frontal) that allows a high mechanical resistance (up to 5400 Pa) and really high energetic performances. Ribbon, Eva and Backsheet are selected among the best products on the market in order to provide the module with optimal aesthetic and technical characteristics.
Every module is equipped with a junction box IP67 with 3 bypass diodes to block reverse currents, a couple of cables with Tyco compatible plug connector for an easier installation. The anodized aluminum frame makes the module even more stable and helps the installation on the structure.

In order to give an answer to the architectural integration requirements, Brandoni Solare conceived an innovative photovoltaic module with coloured cells. The highly technological production line allows the manufacture of this extremely efficient module: the new 60 3bus bar, cells module with a peak power of 225-230-235Wp.
During the completely automated production process the 60 cells string is encapsulated between two EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) sheets laminated between a 4mm tempered glass and a Tedlar backsheet. The tempered glass grants high strength and transparency, ensuring also a high level of protection against rain, snow and hail.

This is a laminated module glass-EVA-glass, with 36 polycrystalline 3bus bar, cells 6”size (156x156mm). The cells are carefully selected and really high quality. The 4mm tempered glass grants a high light permeability and protects cells from hostile atmospheric conditions such as hail, snow and ice.
The module is supplied without frame leaving space to architects creativity for the realization of innovative and valuable structures integrated with the surrounding environment.
The dimensions are 1755x809, 10 mm thick, with a weight of 29kg and a nominal power of 130-135-140-145-150Wp.
Brandoni Solare’s glass/glass module is the true innovation in the sustainable construction field.

Brandoni Solare’s Clear Backsheet module is composed by glass, Eva and a transparent Backsheet. It is composed of 48 polycrystalline 3bus bar cells. Every module is equipped with a Junction Box Tyco Solarlok Connectors System with 3 bypass diodes.